“It’s awesome to see the interaction and growth as students progress through their journey.

They’re getting responses from other students and the instructor at the end of each lesson, building confidence and celebrating the milestones together!.” - (Matt Fitch: iHaulJunk, Inc.)

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Stop Putting Dreams On Hold

Take action and start your junk removal business today with confidence, motivation and support

“I took a one man junk hauling side hustle and turned it into a thriving business clearing over $150,000 in monthly sales.

It’s not rocket science and I want to help other people by showing them what I did.” (Matt Fitch)

Hi Matt Fitch here, Founder of iHaulJunk, Inc.

I F****ing LOVE hauling junk!!! You won’t find another Earthling more passionate about the business of junk removal than me, I can promise you of that.

Starting a junk removal business not only changed my life, it saved my family and rescued me from rock bottom.

Starting a junk removal business has made me a better person and it literally changed the trajectory of my life’s path, not a moment too soon.

I created this course because I want to share what I know about starting and running a successful junk removal business with those who need this knowledge and confidence the most.

Each and every one of us deserves limitless abundance.

Becoming financially stable and able to live a happy and healthy life shouldn’t be a secret and it shouldn’t be something only available to the elite either. 

Here’s a few highlights included in your startup course

Graduates Are Certified & Awarded A Certificate Of Completion (Advertise Your Certification & Get More Jobs!)

  • Self-paced Instruction
  • Step-by-step start-up guide
  • Instructor Q&A (Ask Matt!)
  • Marketing/Advertising Tools & Training
  • Automate your business (auto-pilot)
  • Scaling your junk removal business (expanding)
  • Lifetime Enrollment Into iHaul’s Junk Removal Academy (includes access to private members only groups for networking, training & inspiration
  • Graduating Students Get $150 Off One-On-One Individual Coaching For 30 Days

The Premier Fast-Track Bundle includes 30 day start-up coach & sub-contracting secrets handbook: CLICK HERE

Gain knowledge and confidence from a leader in the junk removal industry.

Matt Fitch, Founder of iHaulJunk, Inc. offers a straight-forward approach to education, coaching, mentoring and leadership.

If you have a limited budget and a fighting spirit, this course can provide the missing link to your success in the junk removal business.

How much is your success worth to you?

How hard are you willing to work to achieve your dreams?

One misstep during the startup phase can cost you tens of $1000’s of dollars and weeks of lost revenue in delays.

Lifetime Enrollment: Click HERE

The Premier Fast-Track Bundle includes 30 day start-up coach & sub-contracting secrets handbook: CLICK HERE

The knowledge you can gain from just one lesson can save you thousands and potentially be the difference between your future success, or failure.

How much is your success worth to you?

Reinvent Yourself

Forget the person you used to be. I can show you how to be the best junk hauler in your town, city or state!

Matt knows first hand, the stark reality that we weren’t all born into wealth or into a world surrounded by successful business mentors like the upper classes get by default.

”Many of us (myself included) we came from very little and didn’t have any positive financial influencers or business mentors growing up. 

We didn’t all have the gift of a father or mother who could show us how to just step right into the thriving family business.”

The idea of starting a business without any point of reference or support can be nerve wracking and ultimately paralyzing for many new entrepreneurs…hence the reason most are too scare to even try!

Matt instructs the course with passion and takes students through each step he took himself to get where he is today.

From deciding a name for your new business to Articles Of Incorporation, navigating commercial insurance, creating your website, marketing and more, Matt has left no stone unturned in this course.

Our course is designed to take the guess work out of starting up a successful junk removal business anywhere.

Coaching and mentorship programs are available for students looking to make a bigger investment into their success stories. 

If you are the type who isn’t afraid to take risks and you have some knowledge about starting and operating a small business you probably don’t need coaching. 

However, some folks need the reassurance of knowing you have a leader in the junk removal industry by your side every step of the way and that’s exactly what you get when you add the coaching bundle today!

The Premier Fast-Track Bundle includes 30 day start-up coach & sub-contracting secrets handbook: CLICK HERE

Certificate of Completion Certification

Adversity is an Advantage


When your peers quit but you don’t know how to quit, that’s when we make the biggest strides forward.

With The Knowledge & Guidance You’ll Get From This Course, Anyone Can Do This - Invest in Your Success Today!